5 Quick Qualifying Questions We Ask Prospective MITS Clients

5 Quick Qualifying Questions We Ask Prospective MITS Clients

Hi, Patrick Judy here with Cobb Technologies. I’m bringing you another video talking about some of the quick qualifying questions we ask prospective clients when talking to them about how our IT services could be provided.

5 Quick Qualifying Questions We Ask Prospective MITS Clients

1. How are you handling internal IT issues?

One of the first things we want to know is how your company is handling any internal IT issues: whether your office manager is handling them, or if you have an in-house IT person, or if you’re outsourcing your support to a different company.

2. How happy are you with your current services?

Naturally, our follow-up question to asking about how you’re handing your IT issues is whether or not you’re satisfied with the way IT issues are being resolved - is your existing system working out for you? Are you frustrated with the way things are currently done? 

3. How many computer users are in your environment?

We can get an idea of what your IT situation looks like by asking you how many computer users are in your environment. The services we provided are tailored to your situation, so we want to ensure that we understand your needs and can provide the specific support you require, whether the number of users in your environment is less than ten, or if its twenty-five, fifty, or one hundred.

4. Is your environment Windows or Mac-based? Both?

The level of coverage and support we provide your organization won’t falter, but the delivery of these services will change depending on whether your environment is Widows or Mac-based (or both!). We understand that every organization is different, and by asking about the Windows/Mac composition of your environment, we can make sure different variables are accounted for.

5. Are you looking to make a change?

Surprisingly, not everyone we speak to is ready to make a change! Asking this question helps us gauge interest and see what questions and concerns clients may have that are keeping them from changing their MITS services. 


These five quick qualifying questions help us see if our services are the best fit for prospective clients.

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Patrick Judy
Patrick Judy is an IT Solutions Specialist who originally began working for Cobb in 2010, and after a five year stint in Raleigh, North Carolina, returned to Cobb’s managed IT development department. Patrick specializes in consulting with businesses in order to help grow and maintain their enterprise ecosystems, and when he’s not working, he’s snowboarding (in which he has over 20 years of experience), or spending time with his family.