12 Aug 2021

Mobile Printing and Authentication: The Easy Way to Ensure HIPAA Compliance

Is your practice taking every reasonable precaution to secure PHI (Protected Health Information) and EPHI (Electronic Protected Health Information)? 

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22 Jul 2021

5 Tips for Back-Scanning Your Files

There is quite possibly nothing more tedious and daunting than confronting a mountain of stored files that require back-scanning into a CMS (content management system). 

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13 May 2021

How Much Does PandaDoc Cost?

There are plenty of eSignature software solutions out on the market today — and one that’s been making a big splash recently is PandaDoc.

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27 Apr 2021

How Much Does DocuSign Cost?

Every day, business gets a bit more digital. With this digitization comes the need to conduct operations at speed — and the fastest way to slow things down is by relying on physical customer[…]

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12 Aug 2020

What Do I Need to Know About Software Support?

In a world where warranties may often be simple money grabs, it is prudent to question the validity of product add-ons.. So when you hear the term “software support and maintenance,” it can often[…]

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05 Jun 2020

How much does M-Files cost?

Is your business mobile, or agile? Is your business able to work within one unifying system to store, organize, automate, and secure your mission critical documents? Does your business have the[…]

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