Does My Copier Need a Booklet Finisher?

It’s the week before your annual company-wide meeting, and you and three co-workers are stuck in a board room, manually stapling, punching, and sorting documents to create packets for attendees. It’s day two, and you and your crack team of booklet-makers have what is probably another seven hours of work.

If this is bringing up unpleasant memories of wasted days spent trying to separate pieces of paper that just seem to stick together no matter what, and an abundance of paper cuts, there is a question you should ask yourself: Do I need a Booklet Finisher?


Essentially, booklet finishers are an add-on to your MFP (Multi-Function Printer) that automates four tasks:

  1. Stapling
  2. Hole Punching
  3. Tri-Folding
  4. Booklet Folding and saddle stitching

Simply put, if your business or organization makes use of printed materials made of multiple pages, or that require additional steps to prepare, a booklet finisher can provide an increase in efficiency.

The extra cost of a machine that folds, punches holes, and staples paper automatically may not seem worth it, especially for businesses that have always completed these tasks manually — but consider how much time it takes to accurately punch holes in eighty pieces of paper — and then multiply those eight pieces of paper by two hundred.

Yes, a booklet finisher can staple, fold, and saddle stitch — but what it really does is save you time, frustration, and money.


Not only do booklet finishers save you money on labor costs, they are also much more affordable when compared to outsourcing your print jobs. Most booklet finishers will add between $20 and $40 to your lease per month — meaning that if your organization sends out print jobs that cost $15 every week, a booklet finisher will save you money.

Considering most print jobs cost upwards of $100, the additional $20 - $40 per month attributed to a booklet finisher is downright cheap.

Not only are booklet finishers affordable, they are also relatively easy to use — you can actually print booklets right from your print driver, and set finishing parameters from your driver’s user interface.


If your operations rely on outsourcing print jobs due to lacking the ability to finish documents at scale, a booklet finisher will be the right choice for you. Keep in mind however, that booklet finishers may not be able to satisfy your needs. Some paper weights, such as card stock, may be incompatible with your booklet finisher. If you are wondering if a booklet finisher will meet your needs, contact your dealer — they will be able to answer any questions you have about finishing documents, as well as what finishers are compatible with your specific copier.

Don Amyx
Don is a business improvement specialist for Cobb Technologies, and has been finding efficient workflow solutions for businesses with Cobb since 2019. Don has twenty years of sales experience, and when he's not helping companies improve the productivity of their workflows, he's cooking with family and friends, traveling, or camping in one of Virginia's many state parks with his wife, and toy poodle.