What happens to my VoIP service if my internet is down?

What happens to my VoIP service if my internet is down?

Voip is heavily reliant on the internet - it’s even in the name: Voice Over Internet Protocol. So, what happens to your VoIP phone system if the internet in your office is down? 

What happens to my VoIP service if my internet is down?


Hey everyone, it’s Patrick Judy here. We get this question a lot, and there’s really no single precise, all-encompassing answer seeing as every voice over IP provider is different and the way they manage calls can vary.

However, generally, before a VoIP system goes live, a good VoIP provider will set up call flow or failover that will redirect the calls that are sent to an unreachable number, to a different location within that VoIP system. This often means that the call will be directed to a cellphone on the system, or, if that business has multiple locations, the call can be directed to a phone at another branch.

Due to VoIP being internet-based, there are a variety of ways you can route a call to make sure that you can always be reached - that depth of customization is one of VoIP’s strengths.

It’s also worth mentioning that the caller’s experience will not be altered. By this, I mean that the call will be seamlessly redirected to a new phone without alerting the caller that anything has gone amiss. 

So - if you’re using a VoIP system and the internet at your location goes out, don’t worry - your phone lines are not totally down - there are other ways you can be reached.  

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