Imprint designated 501(c)(3)

On July 8, 2016, Cobb Technologies’ community outreach initiative, Imprint, was officially designated as a 501(c)(3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service. In June, Imprint had been declared a licensed non-profit organization in the state of Virginia.

Imprint was the brainchild of Cobb Technologies employees Andrea Warren, Howard Manning and company president Toni Gorveatt in early 2016. Warren, who was named Imprint coordinator at its inception, was primarily responsible for getting the initiative off the ground.

“The fact that we were in a research phase just five months ago, and are now a fully credited 501(c)(3) organization is simply incredible,” said Warren, who also works in Cobb’s collections department. “I could not be more overjoyed with the enthusiastic response Imprint has received from local businesses who have embraced our efforts.”

Cobb Technologies’ philanthropic enterprise aims to help smaller, unheralded organizations and causes that do not have the necessary means or financial support that larger non-profits have. By leveraging its resources and status in the business community, Cobb plans to help usher these causes into the spotlight.

“My vision for Imprint is to become a well-respected non-profit in the state of Virginia,” said Warren. “I want to continue to inspire the community and form business partnerships that will work towards creating a better life for all children.”

Over Cobb Technologies’ 26 years of business, philanthropy has been a priority. Cobb has collectively donated millions of dollars and allowed employees time from work to volunteer for various Virginia-based charities.

“Whether it is an individual or a corporate entity, I think it is very important to for us all to reach out and help those who are not as fortunate as we are,” said Freddy Cobb, Cobb Technologies’ owner & CEO. “We feel like that is actually our duty – it is something we need to be doing.”

Matt Minor
As the marketing director at Cobb Technologies, Matt heads up the office technology company's strategic marketing initiatives.