Meet Our Team: Monica Newcomer

Monica Newcomer is a business improvement specialist at Cobb. She will be celebrating her seventh year at Cobb in March of 2018. Previously, Monica was a helpdesk specialist in Cobb’s SIMS Center, and moved into her current role within the last year.

Specializing in improving office efficiency and productivity, she also helps her customers lower costs. Her favorite part of her job is connecting with people and building long-term relationships. Along with other great attributes, she always brings a cheerful element of positivity and encouragement to our team. 

Monica lives with her husband of nine years, Justin, and their 4-year-old daughter, Riley, in the Richmond area. When she’s not in the office, she enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends.

Meet Our Team: Loren Huff

Matt Minor
As the marketing director at Cobb Technologies, Matt heads up the office technology company's strategic marketing initiatives.