Meet Your Cobb Team: Fred Harlan, Business Improvement Specialist

Meet Your Cobb Team: Fred Harlan, Business Improvement Specialist

Meet Your Cobb Team Fred Harlan, Business Improvement Specialist

my name is Fred Harlan, I'm a Business Improvement Specialist at Cobb Technologies. I’ve been helping folks here in Tidewater since 2006 with a lot of different office technology needs: printing, imaging, information systems, document management systems, managed IT services, production print, wide format engineering devices, as well as voice over IP. It’s really the gamut of business services, and I always like to say “if it has a power button, we help folks with it.”

So, having been in the industry and having been with Cobb for so long, I’m able to bring a certain longevity to the industry that isn’t typical. Most folks survive a couple of years doing this, so it’s given me just a wealth of knowledge and experience - there are not many scenarios I haven’t seen over the years -of business applications, workflows- ways to really improve folks’ businesses that provide meaningful change.

I’ve been a member of the Cape Hatteras Anglers Club for well over 10 years and I just love surf fishing and being on the beach. I also fish here locally quite a bit.

Also, I spend a lot of time with the kids. I’ve got a couple of daughters and they just absolutely keep us busy. Every chance we get we spend time in the yard playing outside, and we play a lot of board games - these are some things that we do as often as we can.

Now that you know a little bit about me and what I do, I’d love to learn a little bit more about you and what you do in your business. Thanks so much!


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Fred Harlan
Fred is a business improvement specialist with over 14 years of imaging industry experience, all with Cobb Technologies. When Fred isn't helping business reduce their expenses and boost their productivity via office hardware and software solutions, he's woodcrafting, fishing, or spending time with his friends and family.