Meet Your Cobb Team: Marc Klein, Professional Services Manager

Meet Your Cobb Team: Marc Klein, Professional Services Manager

Meet Your Team - Marc Klein

Hi, my name is Mark Klein. I am the Professional Services Manager here at Cobb Technologies and my role is to support our sales force when it comes to software solutions. Some of those software solutions are standalone products, others can be tied to the copier, but really, what we focus on is workflow. Beyond that, we also support a team of strategic sales reps and software engineers, but of course, we’re always looking for the best ways to automate business processes.

I focused a lot of my attention on digital workflow, meaning advanced scanning and document management - now we call it content management. My experience really comes from my computer science background with a minor in business administration. With that, I like to talk to our customers about business process improvement, and really look at ways to automate their processes and make our customers more efficient and proficient.

When I’m not here at Cobb, I spend a lot of time outside doing some homesteading and doing gardening or raising chickens. We’ve adopted several cats but we also have some dogs of our own. We also build race cars for the dirt track at Virginia Motor Speedway. Finally, when we're not doing those activities, we spend a lot of time at the beach in the Outer Banks.

So, if you ever see me catching a wave at the Outer Banks, or see me catching that checkered flag at Virginia Motor Speedway, don't hesitate to come up and we can have a chat!


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Marc Klein
Marc Klein is Cobb's Professional Services Manager, and has been working in the professional services industry for 21 years - seven of which have been with Cobb. When Marc isn't supporting business' software needs, he's building race cars, or practicing TaeKwon Do, of which he has achieved the rank of blackbelt.