Meet Your Cobb Team: Peter Larsen, Senior Business Improvement Specialist

Meet Your Cobb Team: Peter Larsen, Senior Business Improvement Specialist

Preview - Meet Your Cobb Team Peter Larsen, Senior Business Improvement Specialist

I’ve been here since 2008, 12 years is a long time, and I’ve learned a lot about the company, about the industry, and about my clients through that time. I take that repertoire of knowledge and that large book of business that I have, and that enables me to really make a difference to clients. I want to take the experience I have in the industry - actually, 24 years in the same industry in Richmond, 12 years here at Cobb, and use that to serve my clients in a unique way.

My name is Peter Larsen, and I’m a Senior Business Improvement Specialist here at Cobb Technologies and I love it here at Cobb.

What I do every day is help businesses who are evaluating their office technology. Be it their printer needs, their managed IT needs, their information management software needs, or their phone system - VoIP system- needs, to help them find the right solution customized for them, and to help them save money, perhaps over what they currently do.

So, what do I do outside of work? Well, I lead a very active lifestyle and I’m so thankful that I can.

My wife and I have been married 37 years and we enjoy hiking along the James River. I enjoy cycling with the Richmond area bicycling association, I enjoy going to church, and in church I’ve sung before, I play guitar and all that - so I’m very active musically.

So that’s a little bit about me - so if you’re looking for someone who has the experience in this industry to solve your problems, who has the knowledge to know what to do in various situations, and who brings a lot go high energy and a lot of levity, well, I’m your guy! Let’s get started.


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Peter Larsen
Peter Larsen is a Senior Business Improvement Specialist for Cobb, and has been praised by multiple chambers of commerce, business associations, and business networking groups in the Richmond, Virginia area, and statewide for his unparalleled ability to connect his audience with their destiny. Peter is a dynamic and high-energy motivational speaker in demand by groups and associations that want more than just tips and tricks. Peter has consistently participated in 3-6 business networking events EVERY WEEK for over 10 years in RVA.