03 Jan 2019

6 Unorthodox New Year's Resolutions To Improve Your Work Day

2018 came and went faster than my motivation to get in shape in 2019, but a new year means it's time to get back on the horse. Or, in my case, the treadmill.

Professionally, the new year signals a[…]

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06 Sep 2018

How an Optimized Printing Environment Revitalized this Virginia Business [Video Case Study]

As one of the most well-respected retirement and continuing care communities in Virginia, the Masonic Home of Virginia strives to maintain an exceptional quality of life for residents. To achieve[…]

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23 Aug 2018

Using Microsoft Office? It's Time to Prepare for 2020

There’s a good chance your business uses several Microsoft products like Windows 7 and the Microsoft Office Suite on most of its computers or a Microsoft Server operating system on its servers.[…]

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21 Aug 2018

13 Awesome (and Free!) Tools Your Business Should Be Using Right Now

Finding tools online to help improve the productivity and workflow of your company can be a dangerous game. Businesses should to be quick to adapt to new programs that seem tailored to their[…]

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16 Aug 2018

Are You Prepared for the Paperless Future? [INFOGRAPHIC]

We get it - it's a little odd for a company that specializes in printers and copiers to discuss a paperless future. While there will always be a need for physical paper, the environmental hazards[…]

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14 Aug 2018

Adopt These 5 Business Trends To Help Keep Your Employees Happy

A passion for the work you do is an essential factor in . However, while passion is the spark, your productivity is what will keep that fire burning. As time moves forward, it's important to be[…]

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09 Aug 2018

For Your Eyes Only: The Soviet Union and The Photocopier

When the first user-friendly photocopier was released in 1959, consumers were ecstatic. The Xerox 914 could make one copy in less than seven seconds and was small enough to be tucked into a corner[…]

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07 Aug 2018

History of the World: Part II... Metadata

Rising out of the Nile River Delta on the northern coast of Egypt, the Library of Alexandria would have been a breathtaking sight to the people of the third century BC. Less of a library and more[…]

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02 Aug 2018

Meet Our Team: Patrick Judy

Richmond native Patrick Judy is thinking about your business right now. Well, maybe not your business, but as our IT Solutions Specialist, Judy is busy every day thinking about solving technology[…]

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31 Jul 2018

Troubleshooting the 3 Most Common Printer and Copier Problems

If you've ever worked in an office, you probably have suffered from an issue with a printer or copier that has made your documents look less-than-presentable. It's one thing to have internal memos[…]

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