01 Apr 2021

5 Effective Methods for Training Employees on New Technology

Adopting new technology in your organization has the power to transform the way you do business, but only if your employees actually use the solutions made available to them. As creatures of[…]

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28 Jan 2021

What Are Toner Pirates, and How can You Avoid Them?

When you hear the phrase “toner pirates,” you may imagine a tall-masted ship sailing on a sea of inky-black toner, or perhaps petty thieves out to steal your precious office supplies. The truth,[…]

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22 Sep 2020

How Do I Save Money on Reoccurring Copier Costs?

There’s no way I printed that many pieces of paper!

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05 Aug 2020

GDPR and Other Data Protection Laws: What You Need to Know

As technology advances, we are constantly exposed to additional avenues for it to permeate more deeply into our lives. The main driver is our own susceptibility to indulge in instant gratification[…]

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03 Aug 2020

When I Own and Service My Copier, I Save Money, Right?

We all know that if you plan on using something more than a few times, it is best to own that thing — whether it is our favorite movie, a snowblower, or something else. If you owning a movie costs[…]

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15 Jul 2020

How Do I Automate Office Tasks on a Budget?

The dream of automating menial office tasks like invoice processing or even file management is often just that — a dream. We all want to work in an office that does the boring work for us, but[…]

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26 Jun 2020

When the Pandemic Ends, What is Your Business' Longterm Plan?

Across the country — and in fact the entire world — businesses are once again opening their doors. The number of COVID-19 cases in many areas is, however, actually rising — and employees who are[…]

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22 Jun 2020

My Business Needs Have Changed, But I'm In the Middle of My Lease

This year has proven unexpected and turbulent change can happen at any moment — and with these changes, the needs of your business can drastically morph.

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10 Jun 2020

How Much Downtime Should I Expect During Installation of My MFP?

The installation of a multi-function printer (MFP) can be akin to Christmas morning for an office that has dealt with an error-prone copier for the past few months or years, but without the proper[…]

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09 Jun 2020

4 Tips to Ensure Your Copier Runs Smoothly When You Come Back to the Office

Many businesses are beginning to open their doors once again — and as your employees head back to the office, there’s one goal every business shares: getting back to work.

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