16 Feb 2021

What's It Like to Onboard with Cobb - Kiersten's Experience

It’s no secret that searching for a job is one of the most stressful aspects of life. In fact, starting a new job ranks among the top five most stressful moments in life; the other four being[…]

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15 Jan 2020

What's it like to onboard with Cobb?

Out of the five most stressful events in life, starting a new job is right up there amongst the heavyweights - the others being death of a loved one, marriage/divorce, selling/buying a house, and[…]

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02 Aug 2018

Meet Our Team: Patrick Judy

Richmond native Patrick Judy is thinking about your business right now. Well, maybe not your business, but as our IT Solutions Specialist, Judy is busy every day thinking about solving technology[…]

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30 Mar 2018

Meet Our Team: Alan Watson

As Richmond service manager since December 2015, Alan Watson has been an instrumental piece in ensuring that Cobb clients are treated with the best service in the state. Whether it is keeping[…]

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23 Feb 2018

Meet Our Team: Loren Huff

Building and maintaining a client relationship can be tough for anyone, but Loren Huff somehow can handle dozens at once. How, you ask?

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16 Nov 2017

Meet Our Team: Monica Newcomer

Monica Newcomer is a business improvement specialist at Cobb. She will be celebrating her seventh year at Cobb in March of 2018. Previously, Monica was a helpdesk specialist in Cobb’s SIMS Center,[…]

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