03 Dec 2020

Don't Forget: Google Cloud Print Is Ending Soon


You may recall a blog we published earlier this year warning about Google ending support for Google Cloud Print on December 31st of 2020. In that blog, we made reference to a few different[…]

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24 Sep 2020

E-Info: How to Connect Your Business With Cobb Technologies Online

Cobb Technologies has made it easy for you and your business to initiate service requests, make service calls, order supplies, and enter meter readings, simply by logging into your E-Info account.

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22 Sep 2020

How Do I Save Money on Reoccurring Copier Costs?

There’s no way I printed that many pieces of paper!

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15 Sep 2020

How Do I Find The Best Copier?

Every business is unique — and yours is no different. If your business did what everyone else did, you probably wouldn’t be in business. That special something that makes your business different,[…]

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10 Sep 2020

What Do I Need to Know About Leasing a Copier? Part 2

This is the second installment in our blog series about leasing a copier. If you haven’t already done so, read Part 1 first. )

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08 Sep 2020

What Do I Need to Know About Leasing a Copier? Part 1

Shopping for a copier would be a lot more fun if a lease wasn’t involved. If you are feeling uncertain about navigating through a lease for a copier, don’t worry — it doesn’t have to be scary.

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26 Aug 2020

How to Read Your GreatAmerica Invoice


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19 Aug 2020

How Much Does it Cost to Reduce Faxes on my Copier?

Faxes are an integral form of communication for your business, but they are also a bottleneck. While this secure and key communication tool is necessary for the daily operations of your business,[…]

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10 Aug 2020

What do I need to know about moving my print server to the cloud?

Many organizations are moving away from hosting their server onsite, tucked away in a closet somewhere in their office. Businesses are moving to cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web[…]

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