30 Apr 2020

Fleckenstein & Associates: Centralizing and Streamlining a Law Firm's Data with M-Files

Up until 2019, Fleckenstein & Associates, P.C. were a paper-based firm. Watch to learn how their transition to M-Files has helped them manage their data.

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23 Apr 2020

Does My Office Need an MFP or a Printer?

There’s a definite overlap between the abilities of an MFP and a printer, but which do you need? Let’s compare the two!

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16 Apr 2020

Does my organization need a vCIO?

You’re probably asking yourself - does my organization need a virtual chief information officer? Short answer: YES. 

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09 Apr 2020

What Kind of Data Is Stored on My MFP's Hard Drive?

An MFP is much like a computer on your network, and therefore it collects a multitude of data, whether receiving or transmitting documents. Whenever you print, copy, scan, and fax, all that data[…]

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02 Apr 2020

Basic Training: The Konica Minolta Bizhub i-Series

Today we're going to go over a basic training of the Konica Minolta I Series of equipment, including exterior care and a guide to the user interface.

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12 Mar 2020

5 Quick Qualifying Questions We Ask Prospective MITS Clients

Hi, Patrick Judy here with Cobb Technologies. I’m bringing you another video talking about some of the quick qualifying questions we ask prospective clients when talking to them about how our IT[…]

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06 Mar 2020

The 5 Steps a Good MSP Should Take You Through as a Potential Client


Today we’re going to talk about the process that an MSP may take you through if you are looking to get some IT services from them.


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