07 May 2020

What's the Best Method of Remotely Connecting with Potential Clients?

When we think of virtual calls and meetings, we tend to think of Zoom. Some of us even find ourselves saying it when we’re not even using Zoom itself — just like how we tend to say Google in place[…]

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10 Apr 2020

What's the best VoIP Platform?

“What is the best VoIP platform?” That’s a good question — and honestly, there is no concrete answer. There are some VoIP services that offer more functionally than others, that cost less than[…]

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26 Mar 2020

What is VoIP?

 Voice over IP uses the power of the internet to streamline your telecommunication services. Unlike a traditional PBX system that is hosted on-site, voice over IP systems are hosted in the cloud.

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28 Feb 2020

Why VoIP is Better

There are some pieces of tech that are so old that we tend to take them for granted — take, for instance, the telephone. Invented in 1876, there’s no one alive today that remembers the early days[…]

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