The Race to Richmond - Part 2

As of 9:00 AM today, the second leg of Steve Scott’s Race to Richmond is underway!

Starting this morning on the Route 360 bridge spanning the Dan River in South Boston, Steve is running 37 miles, surpassing the 60-mile-marker today. Steve will end his run today at the town line of Keysville, Virginia, a small town 26-miles south of Farmville.

Throughout this leg of his journey, Steve will experience over 1,300 feet of elevation change — 801 feet of incline, and 545 feet of decline. Starting the day in South Boston at 430 feet, Steve will end his day at 650 feet above sea level.

During the beginning of his run today, Steve will be tackling a steady stream of hills and valleys — but starting midway through these 37 miles, Steve faces a perpetual uphill grade of about 18 miles — creating a hard push to the finish line for today.


Our local charitable organization of today’s leg of the Race to Richmond is Charlotte County Meals on Wheels. Located in Keysville, Virginia, Charlotte County Meals on Wheels provides people facing food insecurity with ready-to-eat meals, directly delivered to their home. As an organization that shares one of Imprint’s goals, Charlotte County Meals on Wheels’ mission is near and dear to the Race to Richmond.


Steve will end his run on the town line of Keysville, from which he will travel by RV to Farmville, to spend the night. Tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM, Steve will continue his 168-mile journey from town line of Keysville. Join us tomorrow morning for the next update!

If you want to donate to help Imprint’s mission, you can do so here.

Kate Vinnedge
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