What kind of data is stored on my MFPs hard drive?

What Kind of Data Is Stored on My MFP's Hard Drive?

An MFP is much like a computer on your network, and therefore it collects a multitude of data, whether receiving or transmitting documents. Whenever you print, copy, scan, and fax, all that data can be recorded on your MFPs hard drive.


What Kind of Information Is Stored on My MFPs Hard Drive


The data that can be collected from an MFP can come from: 

  • • HR formsContact information
    • Social security information
    • Banking information

This kind of sensitive information is highly valued by cybercriminals for purposes of identity theft, corporate espionage, or just good, old-fashioned blackmail.

Most companies take preventative measures by securing their networks with firewalls and antivirus software, however, when they look at their MFP they don’t necessarily treat it like every computer, phone or device on their network. This is an oversight - any internet-enabled device on your network can serve as an entry point for someone who wants to do something malicious.

The good thing is that there are security tools built into most MFPs, including:

  • • The ability to limit user access - users are limited to the select few MFP functions that they require.
    • Overwrite hard drive - old information stored in the hard drive is overwritten by newer information.
    • File encryption - files are encrypted, allowing only the receiver to view them.
    • Data encryption - information is encrypted, ensuring that it cannot be read by unauthorized users.
    • Print authentication - confirms the identity of the person who submitted a print job request.

All the measures you take to secure your MFP can be undone through user error. You absolutely should train your employees on MFP best practices - consider even adding your MFP into your office security protocol.

When the time comes to upgrade your MFP, for security purposes you should reformat your hard drive. This will ensure that your internal hardware storage and onboard memory (this includes user credentials such as names and emails) are wiped clean.

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