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CobbtoberRun 2020: It's a Wrap!

CobbtoberRun 2020: The Race to Richmond has ended! Watch this video for a quick peek at what things looked like at the finish line!


Cobbtober Run 2020 Its a wrap for Hubspot

Steve Scott ran 168 miles fron Danville, Virginia, to Richmond Virginia, in the span of FIVE DAYS! Watch to learn more about his experience and to see how much Imprint raised.  Click here to learn more about the CobbtoberRun!


Noah Maphis
Noah Maphis
I’m the Director of Community Outreach and Corporate Events and am also the Director of Cobb’s 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, Imprint. I’ve been involved in nonprofit work since 2017, and have worked on both causes local to Virginia, and across the world, including Costa Rica, and Latvia. In my free time, I like being outside, hanging with my friends and family, and watching Beyoncé music videos.

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