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The Race to Richmond - Part 4

The fourth leg of the Race to Richmond has started!

This is the penultimate day of Steve’s 168-mile journey, starting in Amelia, Virginia, and ending at the Chesterfield-Richmond City line.

This leg of the Race to Richmond will cover a distance of 28 miles, and feature a total elevation change of almost 800 feet — 322 feet of incline, and 459 feet of decline. Steve will start the day at 410 feet above sea level, and end at 270 feet above sea level. After this leg of the race, Steve will have just over 30 miles to his finish at Cobb Technologies’ headquarters in Glen Allen, with the only obstacle between him and his goal being the city of Richmond.


Our featured charity of the day is Catholic Commonwealth Charities, an organization dedicated to helping families throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia since 1923. CCC provides quality, compassionate human services to all people in the Commonwealth, especially those in vulnerable situations, regardless of faith.

CCC envisions a world where everyone, regardless of faith or race, is treated with respect, and are inspired to serve their community. CCC serves everyone, with am emphasis on diversity and accessibility to their services.


After ending his run for the day in Midlothian County, Steve will spend the night in Glen Allen, and pick up where he left off for the last leg of the Race to Richmond. Join us tomorrow for coverage of the final day!

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Kate Vinnedge
Kate Vinnedge
Kate Vinnedge is Cobb Technologies' Digital Content Manager. A Richmonder since 2010, she is a believer in the power of tech, and has made it her mission to help foster the adoption of secure, smart, and sensible enterprise systems among businesses by introducing advanced tech ideas through the creation of easily-understandable and digestible content. When Kate isn't writing about tech, she is hiking, playing D&D, or working on her very own table-top roleplaying game.

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